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There are various elements to consider with gardening. At Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design, we make great strides to create and design functional yet splendid gardens for homes and commercial properties. We can define spaces or disguise any unsightly parts of your landscape with a garden installation plan that works for you. If you find that the landscape around your home or office needs improvement, turn to our garden installation team. We create gardens that add balance, composition and emphasis to an otherwise humdrum space.

Choosing a Garden Installation Plan With Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design

Sub Section: Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design can help you choose a garden installation plan that works for you. Our garden installation experts will discuss the following:

  • What do you want in a garden?
  • The location of your garden?
  • Budgeting?
  • Colors and plant types?
  • Type of garden?
  • Garden goals?

Enough cannot be said about the comprehensive planning involved with garden design. At Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design, we employ a distinct level of preparation to ensure your garden looks the way you want. We ensure all plants exceed your standards. From start to finish, our California gardeners will implement a design plan that considers the best horticultural practices, giving your new plants the greatest opportunity to thrive. Design an outdoor escape made for a busy individual like yourself. For reliable and affordable garden installation services in Los Angeles, Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design has you covered.

“Quite honesty, this was the best, easiest and most successful contracting relationship we’ve had in the 25 years that we’ve owned our home. David and his team are professional, talented, hard working, honest and totally committed to customer satisfaction. David discussed our vision for having a simple, clean and peaceful space, leveraging our existing collection of succulents and adding some new taller materials to help hide a large house directly behind ours. David was collaborative and very easy to work with. Together, we crafted a very successful project and a new back yard that makes me smile every time I go out in it. THANK YOU David and the team at Exoticus Botanicus for helping us transform our space and upgrade our lives! And since we’ve been working from home, the timing of this investment was perfect!!”

Jon Georges

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